XangleVideo Multi - DSLR Videobooth system (BETA)

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XangleVideo is a high-end Video Booth app. It uses the hdmi feed of your DSLR camera to capture 1080p footage and provide you nearly instant replay.
  • Real-time live preview
  • 1080p resolution
  • Up to 60fps
  • Save photo and/or video
  • Slow down / speed up slider
  • Rewind effect
  • Boomerang effect
  • Timing / camera selection grid (speed-up, slow-down specific segments of your videos)
  • Countdown
  • Capture footage either with a specified number of seconds or by clicking start and stop on a remote 
  • Control using a keyboard, a mouse, a Bluetooth powerpoint presenter or a gamepad
  • Multiple control modes and key binding configurations
  • Full screen mode (clean, no overlay)
  • One year of free updates
  • Image/video gallery
  • Sharing screen (by email, smtp account required)
  • Replay monitor (auto loops last or five last created videos)
  • Gallery and Replay monitors accessible from other computers through the same local network via a web browser (local ip address)
  • Side by side view using 2 cameras

Known issues

  • On a slower computer, some glitches may happen when filming using two cameras
  • When filming at 60fps, the second feed gets choppy

System requirements

  • Fast Intel i7 processor (1080p) or intel i5 processor (720p)
  • For 2 cameras, we highly recommend a gaming computer (we had great results using an Alienware or ROG computer)
  • Dedicated graphic card (GPU)
  • 4GB RAM
  • 700 MB available on hard drive
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (Mac version coming up in November)
  • At least one compatible cameras (see list)
  • Internet connection (license login)
  • Dedicated USB3 port


What's in the box?

  • Two HDMI converters
  • Two USB cables
  • Two 3' micro-HDMI cables
  • Two 3' mini-HDMI cables

*We're shipping within 2 weeks. If you need it rush, send us an email with your project details. Payment is captured after the checkout. Software is in beta mode, but it is currently nearly fully functional. 

Make sure you have a compatible camera before placing an order: https://virtual.ink/supported-cameras/